The first welfare state in the Americas. The first to field black players in international tournaments. The first South American champions, and the first world champions. They hosted the first World Cup. They invented the vuelta olimpica (the victory lap). They invented futsal. They were the first to recognize the Armenian genocide, the first to … Continue reading Gardel

‘Pepe’ and ‘La Celeste’: another re-think of the ‘garra Charrua’

"Those at FIFA are a bunch of old sons of bitches" To those familiar with contemporary debates surrounding the governance of world football, the statement above is not shocking. When muttered by a current head of state however... Indeed, these words were spoken by José 'Pepe' Mujica, president of Uruguay, as he described the treatment … Continue reading ‘Pepe’ and ‘La Celeste’: another re-think of the ‘garra Charrua’